I found Andi fascinating, brilliant and amazing in her ability to just get a grip on everything so swiftly.

Andi is a lady of execution and dispatch.

I am so happy in this house. It’s just the way I hoped it would be.

Andi has a special touch – she turned all my pigs’ ears into silk purses. It’s really amazing how well things worked out.

Andi and I didn’t have any problem placing that at all. You could say we’re two minds that think alike.

We basically said Andi, help us out here and she did. Just talking with her was such a joy; she has such charisma.

You describe what you want and Andi comes back with an idea and it’s right on. From the beginning we’ve had a positive working partnership.

Doug and Mike were so pleased with the additions Andi had made, they asked her to wave her magic decorating wand over the guest suite.