Interior Design Services

We offer multiple personalized services for our clients


Let’s look at what you have, how it’s positioned, and how we can make it work better. Styling, or a ‘do-over,’ is a great way to minimize expenditures but come out with a great new look. There are times in life when we’d all love to get a do-over … and this is one area in which you can!


Sometimes you have just too much stuff and it’s time to clear things out. I can help you choose items for focused sale, auction, consignment, donation, or maybe even the landfill. The result is less clutter, a more open living environment, and perhaps even some money in your pocket!

Assessing Antiques

With nearly 40 years experience buying and selling antiques and collectibles, I can help determine whether you own a valuable treasure, desirable collectible, or perhaps just a sentimental dust collector.

Senior Move Management

Making a physical move at any age can be difficult, emotional, and stressful. Andi’s unique way with people, places, and things minimizes or eliminates the uncertainty so often associated with the downsizing and relocation process.

Staging for Sale

Staging Real Estate to enhance and advance a sale is an exercise in first impressions. The ‘Open House’ or ‘House For Sale’ should show like a model, and invite prospective owners to think 'this space will work for me.'

Estate Liquidation

It is often easier, faster, and less frustrating to have a professional sell your estate property than to do it yourself. I know who, what, when, where, why, and how. I’ll do the work until everything you want to sell is sold.

Much More …

No marketing material is complete without the ubiquitous statement: '… and much more.' So there you have it … if you don’t see what you want, please ask! Let's talk it over to determine what makes you happy or what’s causing you to scratch your head. It's what I do.